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Sliema is a beautiful coastal town situated on the north-east of Malta, adjacent to St. Julians and Gzira.
Once the home of Malta's aristocracy; it has now become a major commercial area for both tourists and locals alike, immensely popular for hospitality, catering, retail and entertainment.
The name Sliema originated from a chapel dedicated to The Our Lady of The Sea which was built in 1855, and also served as a landmark to the fishermen who inhabited the area back in those days.
Our town’s name is linked to the opening words of the Hail Mary prayer, which in Maltese are "Sliem Għalik Marija".
The Maltese word “sliem” translates into peace and/or serenity.
Sliema is quite a large residential town for the Maltese Island with a population of around 20,000 locals and of foreign national alike.

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